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Hey all - I build pedals on the side. I've done mostly clones, but there are a few original and semi-original designs starting to make their way into the mix as well, including my own Distortion pedal...

The company is "Steggo Studios" - and in case it wasn't obvious - just about every pedal plays homage to a dinosaur...


Reverb Store:


I've got a live stream and release of a deluxe version of my original distortion pedal coming up in a few weeks on Instagram...
I agree, the aesthetic is tremendous fun. I imagine a Pachycephalosaurus pedal would be a real head-banger!

Running a sale on the Reverb shop:

20% off:
  • Acanthopholis Gold (similar to Acapulco Gold)
  • Monoclonius (Monarch with improvements)
  • Gallimimus 2 (compare to the G-2)
15% off:
  • Protoceratops 2 (compare to the P-2 - video demo!)
  • Philovenator OD (compare to JTM)
  • K-T Event Fuzz - Apocalypse Edition (compare to Black Ash - with some cool mojo bits)
  • Big Mutt Phi (Violet Ram's Head 2 Big Muff)
  • International Style (Brutalist Jr.)
  • The Eurypterid (SS-3)
  • Blue Brachiosaurus (Bluesbreaker)
10% off:
  • Dimetrodon Distortion '75 RH Mids Tone (original distortion design with tone control based on the '75 Ram's Head BMP)
  • Dimetrodon Distortion S (original distortion design with tone control based on the Sovtek BMP)
  • Dimetrodon Distortion Deluxe (original distortion design with tone control - switchable mids - scoop, flat, boost)
  • The Protoceratops (High-Gain BMP based loosely on the P-2)
  • Ceriatone Centura (built by Steggo with all high end bits)
  • The Eye of Sauroniops (Red Eyes)
  • Kloned Kentrosaurus (Klon clone with internal fat and clipping switch)
More stuff coming soon!