12 string tele?


Has anyone here done it?  What pickups?

I was thinking a 72 thinline might be nice with the 22 fret 12 string neck and gotoh 12 string bridge. 

Would this be a nice guitar or an abomination?
I don't know, it looks like your only choice is the 12 string peghead that Warmoth offers, think it would look weirder on a Tele than some other body styles....
A thinline tele body is pretty light and compact. Coupled with a 12 string neck AND the weight of 12 tuners I'd reckon she'd want to headbut the floor. Maybe a Jazzmaster body would balance better?
Balance schmalance, think of the TONE on a thinline (balanced with a maple neck in this case).
You can figure out a way to balance it!  I think it's a great idea.  The headstock might make it look like something other than Tele, but still, I like it!
Being hollow, doesn't make much difference wood density wise.... Just pick a heavier body from the Showcase, they range from a little over 2 1/2 lbs to 5...
you should definatly make this idea a reality, id love to see/hear the results of a 12 string tele.
>JR< said:
you should definatly make this idea a reality, id love to see/hear the results of a 12 string tele.

get pscates to draw one for you JR..dunno how you're gonna hear one but... :icon_scratch:
pscates!! where r u when i need u! as for hearing it, ill just make guitar sounds with my mouth. record it, and play it back when ever i look at the picture!! I think Thats one hell of a damn Fine idea WIlyK :sign13: ... Thank you!  :guitaristgif:
Funny I was planning on doing this ages ago. Its gone on the back burner for now.

Tip: Have a go at taking the saddles off the Gotoh and sticking them on a dual loading Tele bridge, should give you more of a proper tele vibe and I'd like to know if it would work!!! :) 
Ok, so I can't help myself.  I ordered a 12 string neck. I plan to give it a try on my swamp ash thinline.  I'm going to try the 12 string gotoh bridge saddles in a dual loading tele bridge as solochenko suggested.  But I think the holes might not line up in which case I will have to do some drilling on a regular tele bridge for the drone strings.  I think I may end up with a neck heavy beast.
AquietStorm you may find these pics helpful. Found them on a pendrive I had from ages ago. It shows a squier tele rather well modded up into 12 string form. It was available on ebay ages ago but due to shipping VAT issues I never went for it. The guy said he stopped doing them os the bridges were taking too long to mod. Hope they help you in your project.


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Sorrry guys it just ain't taking the headstock image which is a shame as this is where the guy who modded it has done really well doing each at right angles to one another like a rickenbacker.

Oh well you don't need that if you have a "proper" 12 neck anyway.