1/4" Deep Panel Jack that cuts out whenever I move around with guitar?


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I have a warmoth guitar that has a 1/4 deep panel jack that cuts out sometimes when I move around with the guitar. The mechanics of the cut out is when I push the input jack in hard to the jack it definitely cuts out so I put a piece of painter's masking tape on over the jack and it functions as a standoff to keep the input jack from going into the jack to far. How does a person solve any problems with a deep panel jack? I know I could router out the 1/2 inch hole to a 7/8 hole and install a regular input jack but want to try to trouble shoot the deep panel jack.

Is the nut at the end of the jack inside the cavity tight? Maybe it's gotten just loose enough that it's screwing with the jack's ability to maintain the connection. While you have the cavity open, check the integrity of your solder joints.

The contacts are all inside the barrel of the jack, so tweaking them is not an easy undertaking. But maybe with a dental hook you could get some action. If all else fails, you might just need to replace the entire jack, which isn't really a huge undertaking.

*edited to eliminate my own misinformed understanding of how these jacks work*
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