Ibanez style Jack for 1/2" route.


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My S style builds have used the football jack and I never had issues. I'm thinking to change to the "Deep panel jack" for the 1/2" mounting hole. It seems like it would be a secure option. I'd like it to be basically flush with the outline of the guitar.

Does anyone have feedback about the pros / cons of using this alternative. Is this the same type of Jack that is common on Ibanez guitars?

I have one on my eighties Hamer, it has been replaced as the old one broke. My main concern with them is the terminals cannot be adjusted mechanically at all, and this can lead to intermittent connection issues. I used to have to make sure that I used specific guitar leads that fit really well to ensure a good connection. I suppose if you use the stereo variant just wired in mono it may provide a slightly more secure connection.

That said, though, I do quite like the look of them. I don't know 100% whether Ibanez uses the switchcraft 151 or some other brand but I suspect it will be the switchcraft.