1/2” barrel jack in Soloist body - prewire or solder after it’s installed?


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It looks like I won’t have my neck and body for a couple more weeks, and I’m getting antsy so I want to try to get some of the prep work done.

Does anybody know if, with the 1/2” barrel jack option on a Soloist body, if I could prewire that and then install it, or do I need to solder the hot and ground on after it’s installed into the body?

I tried to find a good picture online of how the inside of that cavity looks for the route for the output jack hole, but can’t find one that answers my question. I just don’t know if I’ll need to use a deep socket to tighten the nut (in which case…no wires can be attached), or if there’s room to get at the nut with a wrench.

It would be nice to wire up all the jumper wires on the super switch, the leads coming off the blower switch, etc etc since I’m waiting for my body to finish drying/curing in the paint department for up to two more weeks, and I’d like to do the input jack while I’m at it, but not sure if I’ll have to undo what I do, if I do it.


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I always like to test fit before soldering. But more experienced people may do something else.  My soldering skills are minimal.