Your 'baby', your first guitar

Hofner 173 purchased in 1967 while living in Germany. Second guitar, bought in 1968 was an Eko Florentine.
Oh, you had to bring this up!  I kick myself a lot when I think of this guitar.  When I finally realized that the "student" guitar that my folks had gotten me first was never going to stay in tune, I begged my old man for a new one.  He took me shopping at a used gear shop, and I saw what I thought was the coolest looking guiitar.  It looked like a Les Paul in a cream sort of finish, with severe finish checking.  I didn't know it was called finish checking then, I just thought it looked cool.  I didn't know that a bolt on all maple neck was not the norm for Les Pauls either, but again, I thought it was cool.  It had this crazy looking bridge, which, you guessed it, I thought looked cool.  I really learned to play on this beast.  The first time I ever plugged into a seriously powerful amp was with tthis guitar.  First show, yup, it was the one.  So anyway, years later, I had moved on to my first strat, but still had this thing in my closet, and still had a great love for it.  Well, long story short, it got left in that closet, and the building got demolished.  Sniff, sniff.  Turns out, now that I know more about guitars, that it was a pre-lawsuit Ibanez Les Paul copy, which I see going on E-bay for a bit more than the 150$ I paid for it back then.  Sniff, Sniff.  I'm going to go cry now...
My first guitar was a Strat copy made by Memphis (while pearled finish - with a few kniks and scrapes) I bought in a pawn shop for $60 when I turned 16.
My parents bought me an Olympia OD-3 when I turned 16. 

I also own a Dillion J-50T acoustic, a Dillion JB-160CE-4 acoustic/electric bass, a Peavey Raptor EXP Plus (my only electric!), and (soon) a Warmoth!

So the Warmoth WILL be my first real electric.
I first got a Tiesco "Del Ray" two pickup Japanese beauty - folks - this guitar was setup by a shop in Brooklyn, dunno who, but played like a Les Paul Custom - I mean a DREAM to play on.  I sold it for what I had into it, $35.......

Next, a real guitar - 72 Telecaster.  Blonde, maple neck.  Cost me $183.00, and another $40 or so for the case.

Kept that till abuot 77 or so.  Sadly, it sold.

After that, a used 73 Telecaster Deluxe - that had been hand painted red over factory black, over factory sunburst.  It was worn and looked like hell.  So I stripped it.  The alder was pretty, so I used Kiwi Brown shoepolish on it, and played it for a number of years.

After that, a used Guild "SG", played well, real rippin' pickups.  I still have it.  Its in semi retirement.... quite well worn when I got it, and worn even more now.

Then.. in about 1982, I got a 78 Strat, all stock, a bit worn, but not too bad.  I still have it.  Natural HARD ash, now with Tejas Especiales Pickups.

Some time after that, in the mid 90s I got a 52ri Tele, built a few Warmoth Teles... one all hard dense maple with 57Classics in it.  Real ripper... sounds like a LP, plays like a Fender!  One a nice mahogany/maple thinline with goncalo neck, and one a mahogany/walnut thinline with maple neck (that brother Vic has now).

Some time after that... I managed to get an SG, then another SG, then a pair of ES-333's, then a LP Std (faded), the LP BFG, three L6's, two I still have (though Vic got the nicer one), and lately been playing the swamp ash thinline with goncalo neck. 

In between I built the Toiletcaster... now belongs to Tim (being played by Paige below)

Thats it for electrics.
My first guitar was a Yamaha classical guitar, I bought it in 1990 and two years later I sold it to fund my first electric. In 1993 I bought the Gibson SG Special '92. I still have the SG, it's stock except a S.D. Super V bridge pickup and 500k push-pull pots for parallel & out of phase sounds. Although I won't sell it, I'm spoiled with the unfinished necks and the two things I like most in the Warmoth necks: fat shape and SS6105 frets. I found out recently that the finish is nitro, I didn't know Gibson was putting nitro in the cheaper models.


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Hondo "Les Paul" copy...
Bolt on neck, ply body, one (DiMarzio) pickup (with coil tap).
The victim of my first attempt at a fret dress...didn't do too well, but the shop I traded it in at didn't notice!

My first quality guitar was a JV of the first ones with the large Fender and small Squier logos.
Unfortunately, the guitar customisation bug had really got hold of me by then!
This was the early 80's, and I just HAD to have a single humbucker (Super Distortion), Strat body, trem, single control. no pickguard guitar!
I will leave the rest up to your imagination!
Having made a pretty terrible job on tha body, I decided to get a new one...Mahogany, routed for one humbucker.
I got this from Rockinger in Germany...also their locking trem system.
The result was great and I wish I still had it...I wonder where it is now?
My first proper guitar was an Eko Ranger 6, an acoustic with bolt on neck made in Italy. I bought this in 1968 and still have it. My first electric was a Westone Thunder 1A - active electrics with two coil tapped humbuckers. I sold that to buy my first Fender Strat.
My first was a Harmony Acoustic Archtop. The neck joint eventually went, and my Dad repaired it by drilling out a strap pin and putting a molly bolt through that and the heel to hold the mess together. When I went to college, my Mom sewed me a blue denim gig bag for it. Eventually, the neck went bad again, and I couldn't intonate it worth a damn. I think my brother has it now.

I then spent what was then most of my savings on what was then a 1 year old 1978 Ovation Balladeer, with the piezo option. I still have that guitar, although it's pretty beat at this point after suffering through 3 decades of my attempts to sound like Alex DeGrassi and at least one assassination attempt by baggage handlers at various airports.  :-\