Xotic pedals.....


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Though a little pricey, these things absolutely rock out; just bought the BB pedal; may get some other items from them. Follow links to great video demo'ing the BB and AC pedals....

I've got the AC pedal, my thought is, it seems to boost the signal and also the noise, so why dont I just turn up the amp volume?

I'm sure it's a good pedal, but it doesn't seem to do anything but boost volume, no apparent change in the tone or whatever. I guess maybe that is the intent, for lead playing.

I bought it after watching a couple demos online, and of course they put stuff on there to make it sound like an incredible improvement.

It's just OK, actually, maybe it's awesome, but it's just a boost pedal, not an effect.

I shoulda bought the BB
I have the BB, it is the most tranparent booster/OD pedal I have ever heard.
I checked out the site, very nice little vid clips. I'm definitely going to my music store to try one.

I told myself, " no pedals, no pedals, no pedals ". (Oh well, one little one won't hurt anything.)

Thanks for the tip !
The BB has more "balls" than the AC, but I've been running mine with gain typically set 33-50%, great boost tone, doesn't sound "artificial", pretty quiet noise-wise