WTB: Quilted Purple Burst Strat


Hey there forum team, this is a WTB shout out for @stratamania 's purple burst strat. I found this guitar by searching for a rough example of a guitar i was looking to build.. I ended up finding this one and it is almost to the tee exactly what I had planned on building, down to very small details I was surprised by. I saw how much love and effort he put into the build, and figured it probably came out better than what I'd do at my current level. So i thought i'd put a feeler out on how much he'd be open to selling it for. I'm not sure at this point how much a secondary market custom guitar is worth. At the very least, happy to make acquaintance and have someone i could reach out to if i end up going the build my own route, although i am very interested in this guitar and that is the primary purpose of the post. Thanks !
Hey, welcome to the party. Stratamania's in Europe, so if you are not, you should consider that shipping is likely to add costs that would exceed having a body built to spec. This assumes he is interested in selling, for which we have not seen evidence to date.

And my purple axe is off the market, having gotten away from me once. But let's have a look at her anyway, shall we?

For what it's worth, I do believe mine is the first-ever purple-burst to roll out of the Warmoth paint shop. I asked Warmoth if they could do it and make it resemble the Steve Morse Y2D, since it was not a menu item. I'm... pretty happy with the results.
Well I have shipped guitars to the US before and the cost of that would be a smaller part of any transaction.

@bagman67 Just for a similar body ordered today would cost $1002 from Warmoth, shipping would not be that much even for an entire guitar.

If I decide I would be willing to sell this guitar, it will be as a complete item and not just a body. In this case, I will have a look at what the cost of the parts would be at today's prices, time it took to build etc to have an idea what I would be willing to sell it for, but it is not going to be a bargain bucket price. It is still in excellent condition. It also has an SKB flight case available, so if it was shipped in that it will be safe.

@BeenDreamin where in the world are you?
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So here is an estimate bill of materials if I were to build the same guitar today for myself or someone else.

I priced up in the Warmoth builder this morning to spec a similar body and neck, which of course would take several months to order and arrive.

(Actually for the neck I would not be able to get Mother of pearl inlays here in Europe any longer as Warmoth only ships MOP and Abalone etc inside the US now but the BOM shows the price for a similar neck)

PartSupplierPrice $
Purple to clear burst body - ash with quilted maple topWarmoth$1002.00
Birdseye maple neck - macassar ebony board, earvana nutWarmoth$482.00
White Pearl pickguard SRV countersunkWarmoth$33.00
White pearl tremolo coverWarmoth$20.00
black neck plate padWarmoth$2.00
FSR custom deep purple neck plateFSR Custom Neckplates$35.00
Neck plate screwsWarmoth$3.50
2 dozen pickguard and tremolo cover mounting screwsWarmoth$4.50
Hipshot open gear staggered locking tuners & buttonsSporthitech$75.00
Dunlop straplocks dual design?$25.00
Felt washers for strap buttonsWarmoth$1.00
Kinman Woodstock plus pickup set & K9 HarnessKinman$524.00
Strat top jack plateWarmoth$5.50
Gotoh 510 tremoloWarmoth$140.00
copper shielding and shielding paint estimaten/a$25.00
SKB i Series Waterproof Strat / Tele flight case red interiorSKB$350.00
Shipping & insurance estimate$350.00
USD Parts and shipping Subtotals$3,002.50
Customs and import charges to EU$750.63
Fret level, crown and dress and polish to 12000 grit micromeshstratamania$250.00
Assembly costs, tru oil neck finish & consumablesstratamania$500.00

There is an idea for anyone wanting to make some sort of offer for me to sell this fine guitar.
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Just for a similar body ordered today would cost $1002 from Warmoth, shipping would not be that much even for an entire guitar.
Yeah, and mine wouldn't even be possible - mine is a true carved-top, sporting the craziest solid quilt maple cap, from the pre-double-lam days.
Welp, might as well buy the Steve Morse model off the rack.

Not sure if the purple bursts can even be ordered any more from Musicman. It gives pause for thought, though, as the prices of things have become higher than a few years ago.