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nathan a

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Hey guys

Probably like a bunch of the guys here (who aren't building a thousand warmoths a month), I don't actually have a workbench. I just have lots of parts in lots of different places: boxes, bags, drawers, etc. I want to organize all my s*** into one place. Some kind of little portable cabinet with a bunch of little drawers, like hardware junkies have for all their screws, nails, drill bits, and all that.

I haven't really gone out to look yet, but I thought I'd ask y'all first what you're using. Any suggestions or organizers that you really like? I could certainly build something like this, but it'll be so much easier to just buy something cheap. Thoughts?
I would be interested in this as well.  I have a small toolbox with places for small parts on top.  It's great for things like small tools and screws and such, but I've outgrown it pretty quick.  I also have a large plastic box full of junk-- pickguards, paints sandpaper and stuff.  And I have a large workbench with pegboard behind it, but I still can't get it organized.  My wife is the organization maven.  Maybe I can get her to help out...  :toothy10:

Problem is that I've got bodies and necks lying all around and stuff spread out between the garage and my music room.  The tools and parts are awkward to try to store because some things are small and some very large and some need special care, etc.  It makes it challenging.

Well, if you're in the States, Harbor Freight Direct has an incredible amount of shop stuff.  I wouldn't say it is top notch, but that is not always required.  I have to get rid of a metric crap-load (yes it is an SI unit, often overlooked) of junk out of my garage before I can really use that space, but I have been eyeing several small bin racks/parts container things that Harbor Freight Direct has.  The other place to look is eBay for the multi drawer things that you can stuff full of electronic parts.  Unfortunately the shipping on those things is Murder because of the weight.

I was just thinking about this as I sat for hours hunched over at a folding card table in my poorly lit basement working on my Iceman.  I think
what I'm going to do is build a bench, something high enough to stand at comfortably, with a stool.  Carpet the surface with some indoor/outdoor stuff, and get a rubber mat to put on the carpet (so as to not catch stuff on fire with a soldering gun.  Pegboard back with most tools, tape, solder rolls, wire etc.  Some nice deep drawers with plano tackle boxes full of pots, caps, hardware, etc.  Oh, and a nice light above. Power strip. And some nice carpeted neck support stands for doing work/setups.  If and when I do it, I'll post pics.
A few years ago I built a computer desk out of two by fours and scrap half inch board. I never got to use for a computer desk as I got into guitar building shortly after that so it became my guitar building desk. It was cluttered all the time but functional. I did most of the work on the keyboard mount. I simply threw a old towel over it and it worked great. My tools were on the monitor mount and below on the keyboard mount I had my guitar I was working on. I added a moveable lamp with a high watt bulb worked great. Then I got a roll around tool chest and that eased the clutter. Total cost of the desk..less than $30.
  I have since moved to a work bench so the computer desk is largely used as a drill desk. When I get home I'll try to post some pic's of it. Its not a work or art but it worked.
I think the best thing is use what you've got. If you have a computer desk or some other desk that needs replacing use the old one for your guitar desk and add a light. Big projects take time away from guitar building.  :glasses10:
I got one of these from Ikea - kitchen trolley.

It's got a sheet of 1/4" cork covering the top surface, one of those lights with a magnifier clamped on one corner and my tool box underneath it. A couple of those multi drawer things for bits and a shelf over the top and I'm set. It lives in the store room along with the ironing board and the mop.