Wood Samples


First of all, I really appreciate all of you guys taking time out of your day to help people

I was wondering how i would get my hands on some wood samples. I have never made a guitar before and would like to practice painting and dying different woods. I'm not really interested in ordering samples online. I was just wondering if you have any ideas about certain types of buisnesses that might have wood scraps. right now i'm interested in alder and maple.

Thanks for your help
Well I dont know about where you live, But arround my town there are lots of cabinets shops, If your in the usa near a big city, or just about any city, theres got to be a cabinet making shop close to you. I'm sure you can talk to them about what you wanna do and they will help.

Also, I think a lot of places that sell lumber, like home depot or lowes would have maple.  I'm no expert, But i think any similar grained wood , would be ok to practice on. Good luck

You could try to find some wood at a lumberyard. I'd make sure it was untreated wood, I dunno how the treated stuff would handle finishing differently.
If you continue to have problems finding the wood, you can always buy some headplates at http://www.lmii.com/ and use them as samples.

I would suggest buying the headplate Veneers.  Maple flame is only $1.60 for a piece that is 7 1/2" by 3 1/2" by 1/40" thick.  I bought some of this for the headplate of a cheap guitar that I am using to practice on, but the pieces are also good for trying different stains.