Wood-mounting pickups in carved top tele


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So I have a carved top telecaster body from Warmoth with the route for two wood-mounted humbuckers. I am unsure of what screws to use. When I ordered the pickups a few months ago, I told the builder I was going to be wood-mounting them so he included the foam and what appears to be two telecaster neck-pickup mounting screws and springs. The problem is that these screws are slightly longer than the thickness of the body, and If I use them I can't see how I won't end up drilling through the body. Does anyone know what screws I should use?

Cactus Jack

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Tele neck screws are generally the way to go. Remember you're not screwing them all the way into the body, just enough to acheive the pickup height you're looking for. However, if the screws are too long, make a run to your local hardware shop and get the same type just shorter.