Wood mounting noiseless single coil


Hello wise people,

Does anyone have some experience with wood mounting noiseless single coils?
There are two issues that concern me:
1) Noiseless are somewhat taller than regular single coils. Would they be compatible with a rear-router Warmoth velocity body?
(Some numbers: Warmoth pickup socket depth: 19mm, typical single coil height: 18mm, SD STK-S4 height: 22mm, Fender ultra noiseless height: 25mm)
2) There are metal nuts built into the pickups that cannot be drilled out without damaging the pickup (attached picture). Do you think I can simply use screws that are thin enough to pass through the nuts?

Thank you!


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1 , I use Lace one OK , the PU have around 8mm out of wood , so Fender ultra noiseless height: 25mm - 8 = 17mm may be OK with thin sponge

2 , just use thinner screws should be OK , may not easy to fine the long thin screws .
Thanks! I prefer not to use the mounting ring. I guess I will need to find thin long screws. Using the fender ultra noiseless might be a bit of a risk, I will look for shorter pickups.
Lace Noiseless are good , use by Fender in 80s too , got many tone style too


beside EMG look , it also got Conventional single coils look .

Lace Noiseless are good , use by Fender in 80s too , got many tone style too
They sound really nice and indeed much shorter than the noiseless ones that I found. But I slightly prefer the sound of SD STK-S4, and it has a push/pull option to transfer between a true single coil and noiseless which I really like. They are only 3 mm higher than the depth of Warmoth's socket so I think it would be fine (and if you think it's not fine, please tell me!)
No the ring itself, just the screws for mounting the ring.
It looks like their dimensions should fit, but I don't think they are for wood.
SD STK-S4 3 mm higher than the depth of Warmoth's socket should be OK ,

fender 25mm don't have room to adj down
i had a stk s4 in my velocity wood mounted and it fitted just fine (strat sc routing). maybe a little bit less space for maneuvering height but it was alright.

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