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The body is at stage two of its journey. I sanded off the black grainfiller this morning. I might do a bit of  "fence painting" tomorrow and see if I can jag a nice transluscent color for it.
It's great fun not having a clue how it's going to turn out :tard:


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that looks great....

so the 1st and 3rd pictures are with black grain fill post sand??
g2 said:
that looks great....

so the 1st and 3rd pictures are with black grain fill post sand??

Yep!  sort of  "after-before-after."  Swamp ash is a great wood for playing around with, you can do heaps with it. Roll on stage 3.... :toothy12:
very cool....

i have a swamp ash body that i was thinking of playing around with different color grain fillers...
i have clear, brown and black....i may experiment with mixing some or all of them together to see what i can get
Go g2 :blob7: :hello2: :blob7: :guitaristgif:
The beauty of swamp ash is that it is very hard to stuff up. I have played around with it on 5 builds so far including this one. I have a tele which I finished with light colored filler under satin clear which I just loved so much I did a '54 P bass the same. But the bass just didn't look right with its ebony fingerboard so I turned it into something resembling the heel of a zoo-keepers boot :icon_biggrin: it had a bit of everything on there. Mainly black grainfiller but other smudges as well. I semi sanded it all off leaving quite a bit of black in the cutaways and curvey places and re-did the satin clear over the mess. It looks great now and draws heaps of comment, more so that my "pretty" guitars. I must remember to take a 'family group' shot of the three of them when I get this thing finished :icon_thumright:
It's raining :sad: So the only thing I can shoot today is my camera. I drilled the control holes a different way to my original idea. I was going to have them in a triangle but the 4 pot route wasn't quite right for how I originally intended. No drama, this layout works better in practise anyway. I'm going to amuse myself tinting this photo to see if I can get inspired while I wait for the weather to bugger off. :binkybaby:


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Yeah, once only. A good game's a fast game. :icon_jokercolor:  It's nice and smooth so "damn the torpedoes........."


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Sorry CB. The joker refers to the 'fast game' quip. To answer Jacks question. Yes once only.
The rain's gone for now. They have resumed play in the test match at the SCG and I managed to squirt a first coat in the drinks break. I ended up trying the same stuff I used on my fiesta P bass's neck which is Cabothane satin clear poly with a splash of Feast-Watson 'Jarrah' stain. The scrap of kitchen cupboard behind is sort of a "white balance" reference.


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willyk said:
Sorry CB. The joker refers to the 'fast game' quip. To answer Jacks question. Yes once only.

What I meant was - from the pictures, you can tell its not quite filled "totally".
My bad!!  You're quite correct it's not a total fill. I didn't want the black bits too wide so I'm going to build the "dips" up with finish. The color is starting to look nice to me and I'm thinking that another two coats will be enough for the shade in my head. After that I will switch to clear if necessary to get the surface flat. It depends on how much darker it gets.
-CB- said:
Switch to clear filler?

Probably not this time. I'm curious about this stained poly I'm using. I've only done a neck so far with it and I want to see what happens when it builds up. Clear fill for sure any other time.
I haven't really gotten into colors so far. I'm enjoying the experimental process. I did some photoshop tinting on a photo of the mocked up guitar last night. browns, blues, oranges etc. The possibilities are mindblowing (as well as the cost :laughing7:)