Here’s my 3rd Warmoth build, and my first attempt at a diy finish. So happy I put down the extra $ for their paint-ready diy option - it was very much worth it.

Believe it or not - the neck is flame roasted maple, which I used for a previous build. I had Tru-oiled it, which made it even darker than it came, and I started having a tough time making out the black dots when we would play darker venues. So I replaced it and there it sat for a couple years until I learned about a bleaching process that was able to lighten it up.

So with an unused neck just sitting there, I decided what the heck. I went with rattle can Rustoleum Painter’s 2x (satin), about 4 coats each color between tapings, and about 4 coats of clear at the very end to even out the ridges from the tape lines. I had planned to sand a bunch at the end, but when I started out on the back, I could see it was sanding out too much of the top color, so I settled on 000 steel wool and called it a day.

I know the relic look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy it, and it feels fitting to me with a Frankie paint scheme.

My god was it fun. Plays and feels wonderful too. I splurged a bit on the pickups - SD 78’s, and I love the crunch I’m getting out of them.