Will the Unofficial Warmoth forum...

Bill in SC

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ever evolve to the Official Warmoth forum? Why is it unofficial anyhow? It is supposedly not affiliated with Warmoth directly, but Warmoth employees post here. What's the skippy? Inquiring minds want to know!  :)
Bill in SC
Bill, good point, I think the answer is this,

If it's an official sponsered Warmoth Forum, then there's liability that goes along with it, all of our view points are more of a direct reflection of Warmoth or if they don't police us, then is presumed to be Warmoths stance or endorsement.

Thank the Democrats for our politically correct litigious society.

So as long as it's unofficial, we can say what we want abourt what we want, (within reason of course) and Warmoth can not be held liable, or considered as endorsing our viewpoints,  and that's really the way we want it. Even though we all know that Gregg and the rest are secretly sitting there quietly agreeing with what we all say, although he (they) would certainly not agree with me about them agreeing with me
I'm pretty sure that Alfang is right on he money with his response.  Except that I know more Republican Lawyers than Democratic ones, but the spirit of what he was saying is spot on as far as I can tell.  I'd rather it remain "unofficial" too, that way Gregg and the other Warmoth folks can post a response here and it feels more like a couple of guys talking about building guitars, and less like a warranty dispute in small claims court!
Unofficial is better.  That way I can say stuff like "Warmoth is totally lame and anyone who builds one is genetically inferior scum."  Even though I wouldn't.
My guess is that an official message board would require official money because an official board would be considered promotion rather than just an e-community of like-minded weirdos.

As far as liability goes, Fender has a forum that all kinds of morons post all manner of stupidity to. I doubt that anyone's going to call Fender out on the mat because badazzfenderdude5532 was talking smack about the Obey Strat on their forum. I also don't think the Fender Forum is doing their brand any favors.
My guess would be that the Warmoth employees who post here already have to be cautious of how and what they post.  Making this board officially sponsored would just make it worse. 

For example, what if a Warmoth employee posted here saying that he felt like Birdseye Maple was not a stable enough wood for use in necks.  Its just his opinion, but then maybe some suit happy goof ball out there has a Birdseye neck that warped.  Now he can go file a class action suit based on the fact that a Warmoth employee indicated that the company was aware of the problems with the wood but still shipped it to customers.    Then the forum would go poof!

To be clear, I totally made up the thing about Birdseye Maple,  I was just trying to think of an example.  Oh, and to be clearer, I also do not work for Warmoth - but if they are heiring web application developers in Texas, I would be glad to apply :)
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