Wilkinson trem spring mounting claws. Need help with screws.


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I tried to install spring mounting screws (wilkinson trem) but more i screw them more they go high (they go out of spring hole).
Now i need an help, should i insist in screwing them until they go right or must i do something else?
I haven't made any modification to screw holes that are in received body, maybe i need to enlarge them?  :help: :help: :help:
you say it gets worse when you tighten, there has to be a point if you tighten them enough that they don't stick out, just be careful not no strip or break anything off in there, you may need shorter screws.

if you like the trem to float that may mean taking out a spring.

or you can drill new holes below the existing ones but i dont know how much lower you can go as i'm not looking at your guitar. this will mean you have to drill at an angle unless you own a terrydrill (sp?).
I agree with DiMitri.

How many springs are you using to hold the trem block to the springclaw?  They supply 5 but you don't have to use all of them....

I use 3 on my Wilko (in my Strat) and it works fine for me.  It reduces the tension on the strings, and therefore allows you to screw the claw in further and balance the spring to string tension to make the trem baseplate float level with the guitar surface.  As DiMitri says, if you can screw the claw in far enough it will begin to fully sit inside the trem cavity and no longer touch the back plate.  I must say though that I don't use a back plate, I like to have it open so I can see the springs.

Its all a big balancing act between tuning up to pitch (obviously, pulling the string tension higher) and number of springs and spring claw positioning.  I found that I had to play around with mine to make it all float with the baseplate parallel to the guitar surface.
Thanks for reply!
This helped, and resolved my problem.
Because i planned to use wilkie trem NOT floating, i screwed the claw touching the cavity and attached 3 springs in arrow shape.
Now, obviously, screws can't touch tremolo cover, but one of the screws exit in the neck pickup cavity!  :eek:
This screw can't touch pickup so i'll leave it, or, if i'll find a shorter screw, i'll change it.