Wilkinson trem question


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Howdy.  I have the Gotoh Wilkinson trem sold by warmoth and the part that holds the bar seems to be getting loose from the main part of the trem.  Note I am NOT referring to the black "collar" part that touches the bar directly - I am talking about the metal part around it.  When I flip the guitar over, I can see a spot for a hex wrench which fits, but I cannot tighten it.

Any suggestions on how to tighten this part?  I would like it to be rigid.


I've ordered one of these, and when it get's here, I'll look at it, but sorry I have no clue yet.  :(
I am having the same problem!
My previous 2 wilkinsons were super tight, but my latest is super wobbly!
like dm's.. it's the part that holds the trem...and it's getting really annoying!
At least I'm not the only one with this problem. I love the wilkinson, but I hate this wobble. This has been the problem I"ve had with every tremolo unit, from push in floyds, to vintage strat trems. I really wish there was someone who's found a fix for this.

I tried taking off the wilkinson and dicking with it, but I can't figure out if or how it can be done. There's a brass looking ring underneath the unit that looks like it could be tightened, but the only thing I've managed to do while trying to twist it is scratch up the grooves on it. There's also an allen wrench screw underneath as well that I've tried to turn with considerable force, but it doesn't budge. So I don't know. But the wobble really bothers me as well.
I tried to tighten that brass nut on a spare Wilky we have here and it wouldn't turn for me. I managed to really mar up that nut though. There must be a tool for this.

We need a pliers version of the tool used to put on that knurled nut found on LP toggle switches.
Well after trying to turn that brass ring, I've really marred it up and screwed it up. The bar is VERY tough to turn now(the little allen screw on the side to adjust tension does nothing now), and as well as wobbling up and down, it now wobbles side to side...:(

I don't recommend messing with it.
No idea. The bar is just permanently tight now. I unscrew the allen screw and it does not loosen the bar. It seems like the shaft was compressed while trying to tighten the brass ring. It's doesn't appear that way by just looking at it, but I can't think of any other reason.
I like the wilkinson, but the document or support for their products is lacking. I can't find any company website, or place to get replacement parts.
its the lead base it is in

just go buy another base...its about 12 bux

same thing happnes on the srtat bridges/trems....the wamy bar just screw into a lead block

of get a custom steel one, wich will better ur tone, and reinforce the bridge
I'm not sure what you mean about the lead base. The wilkinsons have a seperate shaft rig for the trem bar. Are you referring to the whole vertical block on the bottom of the trem?

I'll probably have to replace this shaft rig. I'm not sure you can even buy spare parts for the wilkinsons. I would love to know of a place you could.

edit: After looking at some of the other Wilkinsons, I see that some do screw into the block like the old strat type. This one is the VS100, though. It has a separate shaft for the bar.