Wilkinson pickups


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I've used loads of wilkinson stuff before, saddles bridges etc. and the quality is generally excellent. I've noticed that they also build pickups, has anyone any experience of them?

They seem around half the price of SD's which in a way puts me off as when it comes to pickups its normally foolish to cut corners.

Should the Wilkinson pickups just be classed under the pre wired strat pickup rubbish you can get for peanuts these days or are they a serious viable option? I'm planing on using the neck from an old guitar on a bit of a budget project.

I've checked out some of those; what you are getting is essentially the same pickups you'd get in the cheap pre-wired pickguards
Dam it., it really is one of those things you just can't cut corners on. I'll get ebaying for S/H Seymours then!