Why doesn't this work?


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Hi, I came up with this diagram because I couldn't find it online anywhere else.  Seems like a simple idea; 5-way switch leads to master vol and tone, and a second volume controls the bridge pup independently, giving you the option to blend in the bridge while using pos 1,2,3. Ie, gives you 7 combos instead of 5. So I wired it up, and it doesn't work; the second volume overrides the master vol and I can't figure it out. I thought I knew enough to be creative in this area, but I guess I'm still a noob...
Is there a way to wire this up correctly to give me this option?  It doesn't seem to be a short, I took off the jack plate and tested it out that way just to be sure. Just so's you know, it's going in a nashville-type tele with strat neck + middle and a SD lil59 tele bridge. I've got a 5-way switch, a concentric 500k pot setup (master vol and tone) and the second pot to play with.

Side question: shielding for the pup cavities, pickguard, and control cavity needs to be all linked to ground, right?  It's there to ground out the incoming 60hz interference?  So, it shouldn't matter 'how' I ground the shielding as long as it leads to the bridge and to the ring on the output.  I've soldered a tiny wire from the neck pup ground wire solder point (where the black wire goes into the neck pickup) to the shielding, so that sets up a path.  Is that all correct?
Here's the diagram


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Thanks!  I still don't get why mine doesn't work, but I'll try this out.  Looks like the 'blend' volume is still subject to the master vol, on this one, which is not EXACTLY what I wanted but not a biggie.
yours doesn't work for two reasons

1.  The bridge pickup appears always connected
2.  The volume control for the bridge is always connected to the output jack
Use the back side of the selector switch to switch between which volume control you want to use.  That ought to fix it.
Ibob your scematic is just as wrong as tfarny's. nothing personal to either of you.
to fix this just swap the wire from the bridge pup to the center lug and the hot to the jack to outer lug
this will still cut out the guitar if you have the bridge p/u selected.

you can also remove the ground from the extra volume pot, the other pup's should still drown it out and the master vol will still ground it out when turned off.

you can conect the bridge pup to the extra volume only.
but then you might as well put in a 4 popition switch first 3 positions wired like a tele/lp between the neck/middle last position off
or a 3 position and both volumes wired this way for full independant operation. it will buzz though

with a different switch you can do some series/parralell stuff to use 4 positions and #5 is off

if you have a humbucker you can do a coil tap to take up the extra position.
DiMitriR33 said:
Ibob your scematic is just as wrong as t farny's. nothing personal to either of you.
to fix this just swap the wire from the bridge pup to the center lug

If you look closely, my schematic is for the neck pickup, to achieve the a bridge blend move the blend pot wire to the bridge contact on the 5-way.
Thought this was obvious, sorry.

The schematic works fine, nothing personal.
Thanks guys but I've already decided to do the one on SD's website with a push/pull activiating the bridge pup, and the pot as a bridge tone. Just waiting for the pickup to arrive.