why do ebayers



bid more than the cost of new parts on a shockingly consistent basis. this just doesn't make much sense to me. you can custom order to your specs and pay less, or buy used and pay more. not to mention the risk of undisclosed problems and no return options. what does the board think?


Beats me. There are several people on ebay that buy dozens of Fenders from Guitar Center, part them out, and make a hefty profit. Lot's of stoopid buyers out there, I guess.


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I don't get it either..
I especially hate those guys who buy a fender neck, than complete it with a warmoth body and some more random parts...
and then they sell it as an upgraded fender for $2000+

And all the crap they write! Pages full of how carefully and lovingly they handpicked every single part, worlds best blah blah blah.. and about 50 pictures.. most are the same just different closeups.. I just can't believe people fall for that..

oh and if you are on this boards.. no offence, but your customers are idiots... and you know it.


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If i understand your question, you are surprised that some people buy used fender parts on ebay for more than a new warmoth part ?

I am sure you are aware that many people build like this 'vintage' guitars from separate but same period parts, and resale it for a lot of money...

for a buyer it's hard to tell if all parts are from the same period if a guitar is original. with todays prices on vintage market, somme people will think they make a good deal (the buyer) and some people will think they can make a good deal with such customers...

I don't support this, and I try to be carefull when buying a vintage guitar... but this happens a lot.

And you will be able to resell well the guitar if not happy. try this with a warmoth...

it's just not the same sport.
I love warmoth, have 2 and looking for the 3rd one, but I know it's guitars I'll have to keep if I don't want to loose money.

my 2 cents.


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ah ok, I think I misunderstood the topic starter's question..
I thought he was talking about prices paid for completed warmoth guitars on ebay..
never mind..


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Actually he was referring to eBay auctions in which the cost of parts, usually necks and bodies, get bidded up higher than what they would cost ordering from Warmoth directly.


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I never really notice this happening. I guess some people are stupid, but I always thought the thing about ebay was to get a better deal if possible, not a worse one. I always check the going prices for stuff and usually ebay stuff is right in line with those. Also nearly every auction or sale I've seen has the minimun 7 day return.


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I don't think it happens all that much; I've never been able to resell parts on ebay for a profit. I only got $40 for my Rio Grande P90 and I have perfect feedback. I think more typically they run about 25% cheaper for new, quality parts.


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it happens quite a bit. but not all the time. some sellers just get lucky. remember that top routed vintage sg that jack was watching, hacked up wiring, non original parts, the least desirable model sg ever built and a really ugly brown color and it went for like twice the value of one in pristine condition.
there are alot of deals on ebay, there are also alot of things with a rediculous reserve and there are a few suckers too.

reminds me of my brother, he made quite a bit of money buying parts cars, mostly 70's and 80's camaro's and trans am's. he'd strip them of all the usable parts like tail lights and dashboards and seats and junk the car. these are some of the least desirable years of cars ever built but there is a certain market of hobbyist who want parts for them, it has become too expensive too build a more desirable car. you can buy a whole car roting in someones yard for $500. then sell the tail lights for $200 to a guy who needs 'em for a smokey and the bandit or kit from night rider look alike or whatever it happens to be.


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"Wanna buy (that Farrah Fawcet poster)
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Weird Al Yankovic

that says it all!