white blonde color

What do you mean by "white blond"? They do Mary Kay White, which is really a little "pinkish", or the original translucent white blond like the ReRanch product at this link:


The color pictured in that link was the original finish from the '50s/early 60s, but the non-UV resistant nitro topcoats yellow over time to the color on the Paint page labeled "Butterscotch Blond".

I know they revived the color in the 70s, as I owned a '74 Strat that color, but the gloss finishes used later wouldn't fade.

You can call Warmoth and ask if they can do that as a custom finish, or you always could do it yourself. Do a search on this board for "Tonar", think he just finished one not long ago and has been "yellowing" it in the sun....