Which one do we like more?

which combination?

  • spalt tele redwood strat

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • spalt tele spalt strat

    Votes: 8 44.4%
  • redwood tele spalt strat

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • redwood tele redwood strat

    Votes: 3 16.7%

  • Total voters


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Its a les paul with a redwood top (I tried to get one thats quite similar) with either strat or tele controls and pickups, and the other one is the same but with spalt maple with tobaco burst, which I like on a spalt maple.
If was being honest, I'd have to say that none of them grab me too much, but for the sake of an opinion, #1 just shades it.
Chris of Arabia said:
If was being honest, I'd have to say that none of them grab me too much, but for the sake of an opinion, #1 just shades it.

just curious; how would you change it? :) or is the idea 'les paul +flattop + singlecoils' putting you off?
Actually (since you asked)......none of the above jumped out at me. But hey - you're not considering it for me, are you
The Tele doesn't look terrible, but the Strat set up looks bad with any wood.
Sorry I cannot make myself like any of those. Not that they are ugly per se, but very weird... I like spalted maple in general...
not doing it for me, either, Orph....

A couple of singles in a flattop DC style might be okay, (i.e., melody maker-ish) but the tele bridge on an LP just doesn't work. It's like putting big tail fins on a vw bug.
How about a Jr.-type guitar with wraparound tailpiece, bridge HB, and a single in the neck, where it sound best anyhow?

I like the tele bridge way better than a trem on an LP. I vote for spalt tele style.

EDIT: I don't understand the voting options.
My guess was that he wants to make two guitars - - so the poll is us choosing which two.
yeah indeed, sorry, i was a bit vague. I wanna have a strat and a tele, and I want a redwood top and a spalt maple top. so I made a tele with both and a strat with both, so the question is, which guitars are the nicest looking?

I dont like the shape of strats and tele's, but I do like the sound of those geeters, once in a while. coiltap doesn't do it for me.

a flattop is what gives it the most 'fender'feel I think, and it comes closest to a fender-sound, because I can't imagine a carved top combination (with singlecoils) that gives me the sound of a tele or strat...
I like the spalt better in both cases, but I think an LP with single coils is weird.  Unless they're P90's.  But making weird guitars is what Warmoth is all about  :headbang1: