Where to find super-duty little phillips screwdriver?


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I want to buy one really really really good-quality really really tiny phillips-head screwdriver, for the infernal pickup mounting screws and especially the infernal little tuning head screws. The bigger phillips-head screwdrivers are OK but the little ones seem to strip screw heads easily if they've gotten just a little old.  :dontknow: I can resharpen them a few times with a fret file and magnifying glass before they turn on me, but turn they always do...  :sad:

There just must be some super-great German tool steel something-or-other out there?  :redflag:

If you go by Sears real quick, they've got some cardboard boxes left over from Xmas with lots of little "gift" tool dealies; they had a set of jewlers type phillips/straight screwdriver shafts in a heavy duty handle  with a finger pivot on top, a set of 8 for $5-7 or so.
Sears has small screwdrivers - black handle with red swivel ends, and hardened tips.  Made by Wiha - good stuff.