Where can I get some really teensy yet long screws?


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I am making a seven-string with a straight-7 neck, and I am fabricating a string retainer for the top three strings. To make what I want, ideally, I would like to find some screws the the size of the ones that are used to secure tuning machines, only they need to be 5/8" long (I can of course shorten some longer ones). Even my really good hardware store's selection peters out below #4 wood screws - the longest # 2's they have are 1/2", and I'm not sure tuning machine screws are even in the same sizing categories - they look more like tiny machine screws? (Which would be fine, if they're 5/8" or 3/4" long.) I'm sure I can go all ape on the internet and find some, but maybe somebody here already knows? It would also be nice not to spend $9.99 shipping for four $0.07 screws.... World peace would be nice too.