What tuners should I buy?


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I'm clueless when it comes to tuners.  Which models are good?  I definitely want to buy from the warmoth site.  Their going onto a tele with a hardtail bridge if that makes a difference. 

As much as I like the safety posts in the Kluson-style tuners....the Planet Waves ones are awesome.  :icon_thumright:
I put gold Klusons on my Tele , because I was going for a vintage look to match the C neck... they are crap.

I've used Schaller , and Grover , both very nice
I've now used all of the ones that W sells...all are good except the Kluson-style which are utter crap. imho.
Another vote for planet waves tuners.  I have them on three guitars now and they work very very well.
Those planet waves look pretty cool but i don't like the black parts on them and they're a little bit more expensive than I'd like to pay.

How are the Gotoh SG38's?  any complaints about those?
I figure since I'm not using a trem I don't need locking.  Would I be correct in saying that?
Tempest said:
I figure since I'm not using a trem I don't need locking.  Would I be correct in saying that?

Yeah, pretty much.  Locking tuners can only help with tuning stability, though, if you don't mind the weight or the cost, both of which are higher.  All 3 of my Warmoths are hardtails and 2 of them have locking tuners.  They all stay in tune fine.  :guitarplayer2:
Jeez I'm really split on this.  I can't seem to make a decision.  I guess I really shouldn't mind the extra price.  The extra cash is relatively small compared to the overall price of the build.  Maybe i should go with the Schaller locking ones.   
Well I'm ordering the neck tonight.  I'm going with the schaller size tuner holes.

Edit: I guess I'm not, it's Sunday.  :doh:
Ok here is another guy wanting the opinion of some others that are in the know....

My Am.Std Strat has the OEM tuners on it with no problems

My 1st hombuild has gold tuners that simply say "made in Japan" I cannot remember for the life of me but the gold is almost worn off

My Carvin neck through project has black locking sperzels on it I like them I guess pretty run of the mill

But for my WGD I am thinking about either Grover Rotomatic Super with the art deco knobs OR the Grover Imperial, I really like the art deco knobs and I like the looks of the Imperials, but I am a little nervous about the press fit bushings.  I have only ever installed the tuners that have threaded bushings I was wondering the reliability of the press fit bushings etc.  What would anybody recommend between these two choices?  Any problems or horror stories with the push in bushings?

One more question I just thought of I was wondering also if anybody has used the Steinberger gearless tuners?  I'm not gonna use them on my WGD, but I have another project that I had my eye on these for.....
I've run into 2 problems with press fit bushings.  First, the hole size needs to be measured to make sure you don't need oversized bushings.  Second, if the holes weren't drilled right the tuners can bear against the bushing too much and make the tuners a bit stiff to turn.  So long as those two issues are addressed there really isn't any problem with them.
a tuner with a higher ratio will keep your guitar in tune better, but also takes longer to tune, but thats not even a problem.

The Schaller mini locking tuners are great; I have them on one of my guitars right now. However, I just ordered a Thinline body, neck, etc., recently and went with the Gotoh SG38. Here's my take on the Schaller locking tuners:

  • Stable. However, a non-trem guitar has them right now, and I don't think it's worth it. I'd rather have them on my Strat.
  • Quicker string changes and no repetitive winding!

  • Heavy. If that matters to you. Very heavy.
  • Took a while for me to get used to the right amount of tension to put on the locking mechanism. Too loose will slip, while too tight might break a wound string. (and I've had locking tuners before, Sperzels.) I never had much of a problem with it, but I was always worried that I never had the optimum pressure.
  • I love the look of neatly-wrapped strings around the string posts of regular tuners!
Weight isn't too much of an issue to me, so I guess these will be good for me.  Too late to change now anyways I already ordered it.
Tempest said:
Weight isn't too much of an issue to me, so I guess these will be good for me.  Too late to change now anyways I already ordered it.

Like I said, they're good tuners.

I neglected to look at the original post time, but remembered you saying you couldn't order because it was Sunday. When I read and responded last night, it was Sunday. So I was thinking it was the same day!