What do you think of this pickguard?


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Is it ok or is it too busy? I'm torn? I dont know if I like it.        :help:            :help:              :help:                    :help:                        :-\


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Are those leaves?  Anyway, I don't care for it, but not because it's too busy, it's more like it's too red.
i agree....does not fit that body wood or neck at all. Id say vint pearloid, brown shell, or tortoise. It also will matter what color your pickup covers are as to which guard you use.

Lacewood has too much going on for a "look at me" patterned guard. I settled on plain cream for my '54 P bass. Check it out on Flickr. :dontknow:
Nice guitar!

I think the general rule is, figured body = plain pickguard , plain body = fancy or plain pickguard.  Yeah thats too nice to draw attention away from that body.

Say what you will about aesthetics and such, but this pickguard stands on guard for thee.

Scuff it up at a gig. Then spill some LaBatt's on it; it will be perfect.
GAAK!!! That's hideous!

Creme would be nice....

In perilous times like this, you're not doing anybody any favors by being too nice..... :blob7:
In a solid finish would look Ok... Probably the best in a black guitar...
But I thought it is realy weird in that guitar!
It looks like a solid rosewood, or even solid pau ferro neck? I mean, don't get me wrong - I love Canada, or blood-red bats, or whatever that whack pickguard is - why, some of my best friends are blood-red bats - but all that beautiful wood, dude, come on....  :blob7:

P.S. (When you get to the point where you have a leftover part and you start thinking, "Hmmm - I better make another guitar to use up that pickup spring" - well... you're in the right place now. :binkybaby:)
The neck is 4 years old. Its Padouk and Rosewood.


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the pickguard kills the effect of the lacewood, which isn't good. if you absolutely have to have a maple leaf i would get a plain black pick guard and stecil one on and paint it. i wouls also use a subdued color like silver/gray, not red.