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ok, some of you asked so here is a brief look at some of my stuff.

Been building guitars for quite a few years now but i am mainly a social sciences teacher - the guitars just keep me sane!!

we will start with the warmoth one

a nice reporduction of Jake E Lee's white charvel modified fender... and i can tell by the thread i started there are a lot of JEL fans around here!

then the other one you have seen because fernando posted it




a fanned fret/multiscale baritone with 26.5-28" scales.  made with a maple, wenge, bubinga neck.  bubinga wings and a carved wenge top.  the pickup is a barekuckle blackdog (that where i know fernando from!!)

i also enjoy the odd vintage themed guitar like this



this is a 55 junior replica built with some vintage parts and some new one.  its almost accurate except for the tinner body and laminated neck with a nice strip of wenge down the centre.  probably the best sounding guitar i have ever built

here is another vintagey one

its a through neck sg with 25.5" scale and 24 frets - prety much based on a john birch SG rather than a gibson one

the warmoth gecko fans mike like this

black limba with spalted maple top and black burst with ziracote finish and malachite lizard inlay.  there is wenge veneer in the body and neck


this ones a korina body with spalted maple top and solid rosewood neck.  aged nickel hardware



my basses

i also enjoy fun projects like lapsteels and i am just about to start a mando guitar which will probably be a mine version of the SG above

there are many more but i dont want to bore you.  also, apologies if its in the wrong section

you're not going to bore anybody here with pictures like that. You do beautiful work.  :hello2: :blob7: :icon_thumright:
NonsenseTele said:
I never get tired of this SG!!! It's the epitome of coolness  :glasses9:

i drew its little brother today, and it will be going to the same person so it will make a nice pair

something like 3/4 size Sg body, 14 1/4" scale, 12 strings...... looks ike it might just work.  as long as it doesnt end up fugly like the vox mando guitars i am happy
Holy crap.  Those are awesome.  I also really like the Jr.  :kewlpics:
You have some very nice eye candy there. :headbang1:
I am especially fond of that baritone with the wenge top and the korina with spalted maple top.  What does that wenge weigh in at?  The Gecko and your bases are pretty cool as well.
O.K., not a bad one in the bunch.  Thanks for the views!
:kewlpics: :rock-on:
Oh, great work! Thanks for sharing. The jr is my favorite. Everytime I see a nice jr I get serious GAS, and that's a very nice example.
Photos 4 and 10...

You can see water, earth and Sun witch fed this trees many years...
cheers guys!

bbl4ck said:
What does that wenge weigh in at? 

hard to say as it was only used in thin pieces.  There are two lams in the neck and the cap on the front of the body.  the guitar was a little weighty but thats more down to the solid bubinga than it was the wenge.

for those that like the junior i should give credit to my spray guy.  I stopped doing my own finishes because of space constraints.  if anyone wants spray work in the uk get in touch with mike lennon

i guess we should have some stuff i am working on now

the next vendetta - this time another fanned fret/multiscale


currrently atteh sprayers, natural back and side and a blue front

a bass and a guitar for me


these are both getting maple necks and a sage green pearlesent lacquer.  the stratele has an original 70's wide range humbucker at the neck and sounds absolutely immense!  Fat but still very fendery if thats not too much of an oxymoron


another lapsteel - this time with vintage bigsby palm pedal


a mahogany and burl maple tele thats getting a solid 1-piece macasser ebony neck - satin chrome hardware

this week i am starting a recreation of an EB0 bass - but rather than being a short scale farty sounding bass its going to be done how gibson should have made it!!!  The originals are a lazy and cheap design.  mines going to be a longer scale mahognay/purpleheart through neck  with DC junior shaped mahognay body.  Pickups will be an original 76 thunderbird and an early dimarzio EB0 replacement

just got the plans for the mando SG sorted out.


fairly happy now.  its got a 14 1/4" scale length with 19 frets and  a nice quality mini-HB for the pickup.  control locations will change but its pretty much ready to build  - need to decide on woods though

The EB0 will probably look a bit like this really rough mock-up

originals had a stupidly ugly scratchplate like this

the main difference will be longer scale, fretless, extra pickup, through neck and a scratchplate more like a junior - but despite all those changes it should still look very much like something gibson would have made.

I am slightly worried about neck dive on it with the longer neck but it shouldnt be too bad - certainly wont be thunderbird bad
I'm not seeying the EB0 that you said, but I guess you mean this one:

What scale are you going to use??

The mando will look cool! Moooore pics of the blue Tele!!!!!
That wenge fanned fret/multiscale is probally one of my favorite guitars of all time. Absolutely beautiful.
thats pretty muc the same fernando - i am going for something between 33 and 34 " scale - not quite decided yet

there will be more pics of the blue tele once its done
33" for sure, if you make a comparative count you'll see that it's just the same % smaller from the 34" than the 24.75" is from 25.5" :)
33 1/4 is rickenbacker ish and seems good.  the original gibsons are 30" which is far to short and sounds, at best, like a wet fart.

with it being fretless i dont even need to worry about slotting the board - i may just see what 35" with one fret removed works out to be.  thats probaly going to be close to 33" and i already have a template for 35" scale basses