Weird behaviour from pickups? I think.


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I have this strange thing happening with my tone / volume, If I play unfretted high E string at the end of its fade out the sound starts to warrble and then drops out suddenly, i hadnt noticed it until recently. thought it might be a bad cable or something of that nature but have ruled that out and tried it on different amp also. It seems to be worse on the neck pickup.  Can I post soundclip here so somebody might have an idea what it could be?.  Thanks.
"wolftone". "stratitis". back your pickup out away from the stings bit by bit until the prob goes away.
Ok, I have tried moving the pickups away from the strings but still having the problem, I should have said earlier that i am using Seymour duncan sinlge coil sized Humbuckers.
are the strings very low? if they strike the frets you can get some weird wolf tones.

it may just be a natural resonance it the guitar causing a cancelation too. or a crack in the body or neck. i had a similar problem on a yamaha guitar i owned, my first guitar infact. it developed a crack in the body near the neck joint, caused an audible buzz or rattle. i clamped it down in a way to spread the crack open and applied thin CA (super glue) to the crack. then immediately clamped the crack back together.

the end result was no more buzz and was surprised to find longer sustaining notes.
The strings action is low but not too low , no audible buzz from there mI will try setting it higher to see if I can elimenate that as a possible cause.

The guitar is almost new, just 5 months, warmoth strat style so should not be an issue with the body or neck but I will take a deeper look anyway, I am using 9s on this guitar and the probelm seems to be only on the E & B strings, thing is its not there all the time, as this was my first attempt at wiring a guitar could it possibly be a problem with pots or even a capacitor issue.  Has me puzzled.  Thanks for the help.
If it only happens on two strings it's not an electronics problem. I'd recommend you try heavier strings and see if the problem continues; 9s are wimpy anyhow. No tone.
I had thought about going to 10s to see if they would correct the problem, do you think there will be much difference, I will not get to try it until Monday as no 10s here at the moment.
.009 - .010 is a big difference. for me it seems to be the crosover point between a good tone and lacking tone. it seems to hold a tune much better, just better overall
Do you have a string retainer on the B-E strings? I haven't seen the exact same issue as you describe, but have seen issues with Warmoth Strat necks and fcatory installed nuts unless you have a string retainer on the 1st & 2nd string especially with extra-light strings.
Hi, never considered that but no I decided to leave the string retainers off, as I thought they were unnecessary but I can put them on and see how it works out, thanks for all the help and advice once again.
Definitely throw a string retainer on there; assuming it's not an angled Strat neck you really need one especially with light strings; I normally use .009 Boomer sets and will bend the 1st string out of the nut if there's no retainer, may fix the issue you're seeing.
I'd just like to take this opportunity to point out that Dick Dale used .016s.  :guitaristgif: :guitaristgif:
And Carlos Santana, Duane Allman, Jimmy Page & JImi Hendrix used .009's, which is why those wimps had "no tone."  :blob7:
stubhead said:
And Carlos Santana, Duane Allman, Jimmy Page & JImi Hendrix used .009's, which is why those wimps had "no tone."  :blob7:

Yeah, but they had vintage gear.
stubhead said:
And Carlos Santana, Duane Allman, Jimmy Page & JImi Hendrix used .009's, which is why those wimps had "no tone."  :blob7:

EVH too I believe...

I use 9's on my TOM type guitars but 10's on my strat. 10 seem better on it. Nines are fine with humbuckers, IMO. Plus it makes bends easier for my wimpy fingers.
What's the point of these 'appeal to authority' arguments? It's not like those guys are famous because of their 'tone'. Thicker strings have obvious advantages (tone, tuning stability, harder to break, long lasting), but some people play faster on thinner ones, and thinner ones are easier to bend.
Just imagine how good Jimi would have sounded had he been able to bend with 11s! (just kidding, don't freak out on me).

btw, can that be true? I thought that Jimi and EC invented the unwound G by taking a heavy B string from another set. Did there used to be .009 sets with a wound G in the sixties? that would be odd. I'd love to see your source, stubhead.