Wax over tru-oil



Although I knew the wenge neck I bought didn't need finishing, I did it anyway with tru oil, as I read that this would be a good thing. Added protection for the neck, and uniformity with the body, also finished with tru-oil.

Of course, being a very  :sign13:bright :sign13: person, I used all the same rules for my body and my neck, so.... I WAXED the wenge neck.

This was a mistake, as the wax from Birchwood casey turned white on the wenge's pores :sad:. Now I have a micro-dotted neck! Is there anything to be done about this or should I accept it as a new "feature"?


A picture would help, but I think what you're saying is that solidified wax is sitting in the pores like white grainfiller would, right?
Wipe it down with naptha, rubbing hard will soften the wax and bring a lot out. Dark shoe polish will disguise what's left.  Keep us posted on how you go.
Sand all that crap off using a 3M #180 pad followed by a #320 and play it raw as the Good Lord intended...