Warp in bookmatched top


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I've actually been PLAYING some of my guitars...but...I browse this forum & off I go again!!  :eek:)

I have joined a bookmatched Victorian Blackwood top - reasonably well - but it has warped before I copuld finish surfacing it.

The high spot is right down the glue line extending  about 3cm either side of the centre.

From conversation with the more experienced, the advice was to steam the piece & then clamp flat it for a week, maybe two, and to place a thin wafer of something under the 'pivot point' of the bend for a bit more purchase.

However on one point I'd like more input before trying this is...Do I 'steam' the whole top both sides or the side that is concave upwards or the side that is convex downwards that is the 'inside' of the 'u' or the outside (bottom) of the 'u'? My logic for what it's worth (LOL) tells me to put the steam into the 'short' side that is the concave upside (inside of the 'u')