Warmoth's sanding machine


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Can I assume that you guys use a machine similar to this -


Reason I'm asking... is wondering how the body I got is not flat.  No big deal, just thought a machine like that would make it flat... and thats the type of machine I'd use on bodies if I were in the biz.


Should add, its corrected... but had a bit of a sinkage in the middle on the back, where the two pieces were joined.  The top was dead flat tho.  Just seemed weerd.
sinkage in a glue line on a 2-piece body perhaps? if Warmoth is utilizing a water based finish (like KTM-9) and also using Titebond Original for their glue, I can see that this could happen on occasion.

as for the sander, I believe this is still in action there at their facility


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Just a little ripple... no big deal....  Yup, thats what I suspected on the machine.

The one I had use of was a mofo for throwing bearings, we'd stick bearings in the top... yes the TOP... roller every two weeks.  The bottom roller should have been getting the abuse, but the top was the one that went.  I suspect there was something intrinsically wrong with the roller or shaft that new bearings did not improve on.  I think they finally ditched it for a song.