Warmoth + Reranch: What's the Correct Procedure?


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If I order a Warmoth body, I understand that they are already sanded and sealed and "ready to be finished." So does that mean that if I'm going the Reranch route, when the body comes in from Warmoth I can:
  • Lightly sand the body
  • Apply 1 coat of primer
  • Apply 1-2 coats of the chosen color (Seafoam Green, baby!)
  • Apply the nitrocellulose gloss topcoat
Do I have this right?
sundin4prez said:
im not expert but i think its recommended to apply sanding sealer before the primer...
That's generally true, and filler before that if the wood has an "open" grain. But I was wondering if Warmoth bodies arrive already sanded and sealed.