Walnut / Paduak with oil


Can I use pure tung oil on both of the above to achieve a nice satin finish?

Would I need to use a grain filler first with both?

Is finishing a guitar this way as easy as CB makes it sound? :glasses9:

I think it is yes to both but  I cant find anything specific.

If anyone has any images of tung oil finished walnut or paduak even better.
Haven't played with padouk; but it's certifiable for "no finish" as far as a neck goes, I think that like walnut it's dense enough that you don't need to do any grain filling.

I've got a walnut body Strat I just oiled with WATCO Danish Oil; you can apply a tung oil finish directly to walnut.

Double check this board, I think there's at least one axe in padouk finished with tung oil.
Walnut can be closed or open grained.  If you like the color of the walnut, but want the grain filled with contrasting filler, use one coat of sanding sealer before anything else.  The sanding sealer will close the bottom of the grain, but also seal the top of it.  When you put your filler on, it will fill the grain voids, but when you sand it back, you'll find those "micro voids" have been sealed and have not been colored by the filler.  You can go on to finish sand at that point, to 400 grit if you like, then do the rest of the finish.  Walnut is not nearly as void free as maple, so I'd hit it with some filler anyway... just because.
I didn't use any filler on this one. It is just Danish oil  (similar to non pure tung) which I wet sanded in with 400 paper. Hope this helps...WK


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