VW carved top+24-3/4" neck. Which case?


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just ordered my first W guitar, a VW carved top body + 24-3/4" neck  :headbang:
Now i've to wait "only" 10-12 weeks  :binkybaby:
Meanwhile i'm asking for myself wich guitar case should fit this guitar; think LP style cases will fit, but i'm not sure.

Any suggestions?  :help:

Ventolino :)
I don't have my VW anymore but it seems to me it did not fit in my LP cases. Congrats on the purchase! Now it's like waiting for a mail order bride!
Gregg Stewart said:
Now it's like waiting for a mail order bride!

LOL! One bride is enough for me!!! I'd like to think "it's like waiting for a mail order lover"  :icon_biggrin:
Fortunately my wife can't understand english  :laughing7:

No suggestions for another case?
Tell your wife you got her a maid! Lol!  ...you don't THINK she knows English! Lol!

I used this case which is a hard foam case with soft material on the outside that I just really dig. It doesn't mess up the upolstery of my car or truck yet protected the guitar. It does have some extra room in it so you can use a pad inside to hold the body firmer like I did. They are extremely light weight; another bonus. I bought an extra one and modded it in the inside for my floor pedal board and accesories to fit in. It came out really slick.