Vox VR 15

red king

Senior member
Anyone tried or heard one of these?  It's a 15 watt hybrid tube / solid state (I think it has a 12ax7 preamp tube) with a little 8 inch speaker.  Very cheap.  It blows through the stock speaker, but has a line out.  I went into a music store last night and the owner showed me that he discovered it sounds really good through an external cabinet.  So he plugs into a Randall Warhead 4x12, of all things....and this thing absolutely smokes!  really great gritty tube amp country / blues sound on a fairly clean setting.  Then if you crank the gain, you get really nice Marshall tone.  I was floored by how good it sounded.

I think it is discontinued.  If you see one around, ask to plug it in to an external cabinet and see for yourself.