Vote here - 2017 Guitar of the Month Runners Up Contest!

Which guitar should win the December 2017 Guitar of the Month Contest?

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I wanted to vote for it as soon as I saw the build thread. Someone else stole my vote last time around though.  I have learned to stay away from the horse track though.
BigSteve22 said:
Wow, thanks guys! This is the best Christmas present I could get! Considering all the beautiful guitars and bass' in this field, I seriously did not expect to win this. I'm truly honored.....

GOM- I'm always playing with PhotoShop, I attached a cutout jpg of my guitar that I was working on. Maybe save you some work.

Thanks again everybody!

Now this is what I'm talking about! BigSteve22...having the GOM already cut out and ready to go is the best Christmas present I could get!!!  :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright:
Again, Thank You, thank you all. It's truly an honor to be selected by such a fine group of builders and players.

double A - Thanks for the great banner! I realized that my entry pics didn't exactly lend themselves to a GOM cut out. I was working on a better version for my own use, and I was happy to pass it along. If you have a chance, please email me a copy of the banner so I can add it to my signature.  :icon_thumright: