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December 2017 Guitar of the Month contest!

This is a special Runners Up contest for all those who missed out - some in a very close shave! The winner will qualify for the 2017 Guitar of the Year contest coming up in January!

As usual, discussion about the submissions can take place below.

Please do not post replies that show additional photos of the entrant's guitars but links to other UnofficialWarmoth threads or external sites are fine.

Good luck, and may the best guitar/bass win!


Guitar #1 Rgand

Style: Jazzmaster
Construction: Solid
Neck pocket: Strat
Wood: Roasted Swamp Ash
Pickup configuration: H-H-H
Bridge rout: Fender American Standard Hardtail
Scale: 25-1/2"
Finish: Transparent Red
Weight: 4 lbs 2 oz
Strap Locks: Schaller
Strat Jack Plate: Proline, Flipped
Pickguard: Warmoth Black Gloss

Callaham Am. Std. Hardtail w/Bigsby Relief Cuts and SS Bigsby Compensated Saddles

B5 with String-through Modified Main String Shaft, 360° Modified Arm Bracket, Callaham Front Roller

Wood: Roasted Maple/Roasted Maple
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Nut: Black Graphtech, Standard
Back Contour: Standard Thin
Frets: SS6150
Radius: 10-16" Compound
Inlay: Black Face Dots
Side Dots: Black Side Dots
Scale: Warmoth Gibson Scale (24-3/4") Conversion
Finish: None
Tuners: Hipshot Staggered, Locking, Closed Gear
Setup: Chris Boland, Santa Cruz, CA

WIRING - 1 Volume, 1 treble bleed, 1 bass bleed
Vol & Treble Pots: CTS 500K Linear Taper, Split Shaft
Bass Pot: Bourns 500K Linear Taper Mini, Split Shaft
Pickups: Seymour Duncan P-Rails
Pickup Mode Switches: 2 ON-ON Slide
Knobs: Witch Hat
Pickup Selector Switch: LP-style Toggle




Guitar #2 exaN

Alder on alder Warmoth Soloist body
Black to clear satin finish (black back), ivoroid binding
Standard thin, dark indian rosewood on roaster maple (no finish)
Graph Tech, compound radius, S6150 frets, locking tuners, lume side dots




Guitar #3 OldTelecasterMan

SuperWide Warmoth Neck
Soloist Flat top body with a Telecaster rout and reverse bridge pickup
All parts, except pickups, ordered through Warmoth.
Tom Anderson pickups

My wife hand painted the guitar. I helped with the clouds. I sanded off the paint 3 times before she liked how it looked. Painting with a brush leaves lots of height differences to fill. So lots of clear, probably 5 coats before the first wet sand. Then 3 more wet sands and 4 more coats of clear.




Guitar #4 Ghotiphry

Solid roasted swamp ash Jazz bass body with Warmoth trans red gloss finish
Warmoth "garage stock" pau ferro/pau ferro neck with no inlays, MOP side dots and EVO frets - neck and fret setup by Cagey
Lindy Fralin P/J pickups with +10 overwind split coil bridge
Solid black pickguard and black hardware whenever possible
Hipshot ultralight tuning machines
John East J-Retro 01 Deluxe preamp
BadAss Bass II bridge
Custom neck plate by DangerousR6




Guitar #5 DMRACO

Custom Purple Heart and Ambrosia Maple 12 piece body.  (Concept borrowed from B3Guy)
Duncan pickups
Brass mounting plates and Neck plate from Doug
Wilkinson Bridge
GFS Brass tuners
Gloss Nitro finish
Single volume and three way toggle.
Custom LED lights that offer over a dozen different colors.

Warmoth Standard thin maple Warhead neck with Purpleheart fret board and Gold frets and abalone dot inlay
Satin poly finish on back and Gloss Poly on headstock.




Guitar #6 gfoster

Model: Nomad
Wood: Quilt Maple on Mahogany
Binding: Natural Masked Accent
Top Finish: Aqua Marine Dye
Neck Construction: Modern Tiltback Construction
Neck Wood: Birdseye Maple
Fingerboard Wood: Birdseye Maple
Nut Width: 1-3/4"
Back Shape: Wolfgang Fret Size: GD6150 (Gold Color)
Radius: 10-16" Compound
Inlays: Azurite Malachite Dots
Pickups: EMG JH “Het Set”
Abalone Truss Rod Cover
Other various hardware from Warmoth




Guitar #7 timezon3

Body (Warmoth) -
alder with quilted maple cap
stained purple with Deft Gloss clearcoat
Fender American Standard tremolo

Electronics -
Lollar Blond pickups
wired with master volume, master tone, blender pot

Neck (Warmoth) -
modern construction, 1-3/4" nut width
purpleheart with ebony fretboard
new Supernova inlays
SS6105 frets
hipshot open-back locking tuners
no finish




Guitar #8 BigSteve22

Blackbird Telecaster

Warmoth Telecaster,
    Dark Ebony on Maple
    24.75" Conversion Scale
    SS6230 Frets, MOP Dots
Hipshot Open Back Locking Tuners
ZeroGlide Nut,
Rothco & Frost Headstock Decal
Owner Finished, Clear Satin Lacquer
    w/ Black Lacquer Headstock

Warmoth Standard Telecaster
    Solid Swamp Ash, (4 lbs, 0 oz.)
    Satin Black Finish, Full Body Contours
Babicz "Z" Series Tele Bridge
    Custom Engraving by DangerousR6
Rock Rabbit Control Plate
    Custom Engraving by DangerousR6
DangerousR6 Custom Neck Plate

Bill Lawrence, L-202TN, Neck P/U
    Noise Free, Black Case
Bill Lawrence, L-298TL, Bridge P/U
    Noise Free, Open Coil

4-Way P/U Selector Options,
"Gibson" Style Tone Circuit



There are some beautiful instruments here. Good luck, everyone.

Here's a link to the build thread for anyone who may be interested. Trans Red/RSA JM
That is an awesome line up of guitars! Will be fun to see who takes December.  My vote is in - Good luck to all!
OK, I'm in too. Good luck to all!

A link to the full specs and some detail pix.
Sure, man, I've got a build thread for that bass.

Good luck, everyone!
And the winner is...


Many congratulations to BigSteve22 and thanks to all for the great entries!

Next up, Guitar of the Year!
Wow, thanks guys! This is the best Christmas present I could get! Considering all the beautiful guitars and bass' in this field, I seriously did not expect to win this. I'm truly honored.....

GOM- I'm always playing with PhotoShop, I attached a cutout jpg of my guitar that I was working on. Maybe save you some work.

Thanks again everybody!


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Nice work, Steve!  Big fan of black telecasters over here.  Yours is a fine specimen indeed.
Congrats Big Steve! Yours was one of 2 or 3 of these runners-up that I voted for first time round, glad to see it win this time - still really digging that gloss scratchplate on the satin body.