Volume Pot Problems...



If you turn down the volume knob on one of my guitars, it completely cuts all sound... Anybody have or had this problem?

HELPP MEEEE!!!  :eek:
Ah, I should have mentioned that it happens when I turn the knob from "10" to "9"...
please show us a diagram of how you wired it along with pot/cap values or some pics of the wireing job...sounds like maybe the wire is on the wrong lug.

You might just have the taper backwards.  Swap the outer two lugs on the pot, that'll fix it if that's the problem.
Thanks for the replies, we talked to a guitar wizard and got some answers.
I think what he might be refering to is that due to the taper on some volume knobs, when twisting from 0 to 1, you get no sound, and then after 1, the volume kicks in, it's just how the taper is, and the volume doesn't start @ increasing at 0, but kinda jumps up at 1.  Though I'm just guessing, his guitar guru may have said something.

What did he say?
His answer was simple...

"Check the wiring, if it's correct, get some new pots."

The kind of advice that makes you feel like an idiot... :laughing3:
No, I'm a 12th level barbarian, silly.
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tfarny said:
Uh, isn't that what I said already?

Yep :). But I posted the question before I went to his house. What can I say, I value the opinions here  :toothy12:.