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Before I go thru and resolder everything I have a question about causes of bleed over.  My set up is attached.  When the volume is all the way down on either of the selected PUPs I can still hear the strings faintly until I turn the opposing volume knob all the way off.  What is going on here?  I have no copper shielding anywhere in the guitar, but none of my guitars do.  The pups are also unpotted, not sure if that is adding to or causal with the bleed over.  Thanks for the help.


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You have a high resistance ground (bad ground) from the grounded terminal on the volume pots... and or... that ground path is not good enough in relation to the ground on the output jack.

Most likely cause is a less than stellar solder joint (or joints).
Just resoldered everything and still can't fix the bleed over.  I'm gonna unsolder everything tomorrow and solder up only the volume pots and go from there.
I was looking at your schematic above, while I'm sure it's probably correct, it's visually hard to read. try this from SD, they make nice schematics.


print that page and use it, i believe its your same scenario, if not, look arround SD till you find it.

I think the bleedover is because you tapped a pot wrong. I hope its that and not bad grounds, ground problems can give you fits

Good luck, keep us posted
:headbang1: Great catch Alfang!  Thanks a ton!!  I had just tried rewiring the whole damn guitar last night and this morning with still no luck...swearing like you wouldn't believe.  Saw your diagram this afternoon and noticed that the PUP leads and pickup selector wires were switched on the volume pots as well as the capactior and hot wire on the tone.  Totally works now!  Huge thanks!! :headbang1:
Your welcome, it's about time after nearly 500 posts that I actually helped someone here.