vol/tone pots


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I think I'm going to end up using R-Supersonic pickups for my Warmoth build.  Anyone have any experience with these?  Also, i'm thinking of using a 250K tone for the bridge, a 500K for the neck tone, and a 500K push/push for the volume to keep the bridge pickup a little warmer and let a little more highs come through on the neck pickup.  Is my thinking here correct?  I'm trying to keep the highs slightly subdued on the bridge pickup, which will be my main one because i have a lot of headroom on the highs of my Carvin MTS 3200.  Any suggestions
My personal thought is, use the highest value pots you can get, that way if you want something off, it's closer to off with a higher value of resistance.  the only reason for a lower value is better resolution of controll,