VIP refinish job - '58 Burst finish


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Moved the thread over to here; here are the pics of the VIP I snagged on eBay for 178 Canadian as it showed up; heavy stain job topped with some kind of "Glo-coat" floor acrylic wax in a real heavy coat. Scratches in pics were made with my fingernail:



Here's a test shot of Mohawk toner used to burst I did prior to starting the stripping; looked good and as a base idea I'll pursue to try to get a '58 LP burst finish on this. Ordered a Warmoth peghead Pro 10/16 neck in mahogany with rosewood fretboard and trapezoid inlays for this one; will wind up putting some form of vintage like PUs:


After spending hours and MANY sheets of #180/220 sandpaper (whatever Glo-coat junk used clogs sandpaper up with a vengance, I'm almost done sanding all the shit finish off. The make this even more a pain in the ass, whatever retard did this finish abortion did it TWICE as thick inside the body horns where you can't get a power tool to...  Body turned out to have a black pinstripe accent line, be hollow and has a one piece mahogany back...



Now on to finish the little bit of sanding left on the top and to start filling the mahogany properly with black grain filler...
Your determination is impressive. I'm gonna bet that you're gonna make this one something special.
Jack, that is a great piece of flame.  Your giving me the itch to do something other than the standard vintage Fender finishes.  I just have to get some other stuff out of the way to get to it but I’m with you on all the cool wood you have been doing. I love it!!!!!!!
Tonar - you do amazing work on your vintage finishes; can't wait to see you step out and apply those talents and your access to paint/dyes/etc to some more esoteric wood...

Finished the sand back and started filling the back with black grain filler, won't bore you with pics of that; but the top IS amazing. The flame grain really snaps out even when bare...
Finished dying the top; decided to go a little less yellow...but it's a little yellower than it comes out in the pic below. Pic doesn't do the irridescent flame figure justice...

In response to PM; used Woodburst dyes I have in stock; used AZO Yellow over a first rub in of Honey Oak
Custom neck finally came; can fill it, but still have to wait a couple of months to lacquer it...


It's not actually a three piece neck; grain in mahogany might make it look that way, and normal scarf joint on 13 degree angled head standard for Warmoth peghead neck