VIP PRS Control holes


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Looking at a VIP body in the showcase with the PRS control routing done - here's the question...

Are all the controls routed at the same diameter, or is the control hole on the bottom end of the body a different diameter?

Reason for the question:

I'm looking to get a 6 way rotary pick-up selector and it is a 3/8" mounting, where as the standard toggles are 1/2".  If it is, does anyone know if there is an available sleeve fitting that can go on a 3/8" shaft to make it fit a 1/2" hole?  :-\  (I know that sounds dirty, but let's keep our minds out of the gutter, shall we?)  :laughing7:

Many thanks for the input,

Eric "GuitarEC"
I haven't seen any, I guess you could TRY to use some washers, but a better solution might be to just order a body, spec that control spacing, but request all 3/8" holes
Real quick - hopefully Gregg is lurking the board somewhere...

Does anyone know what the control cavity depth is on the VIP?  *Please say 1 1/2"+, Please say 1 1/2"+, please say 1 1/2"+...*

Eric "GuitarEC"