Vintage Trem screw mount spacing


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Is the mounting screw spacing 2 7/32" on the vintage trem body route? It appears to to be closer to 2 3/16 when I measure it but the trem diagram appears to indicate it is 2 7/32". I want to make sure I order the correct bridge. I am leaning towards the Fender vintage narrow which is 2 7/32" screw spacing and 2 1/16" string spacing or ideally, the Callaham equivalent. If the screw spacing is 2 3/126" though those may not be good choices
The Callaham V/N will definitely fit the Warmoth "6-Hole Vintage Tremolo" setup, as will the Fender USA RI trem. Have used both personally.

Warmoth measures it as 55.9mm or 2.2" (2-13/64"), splitting the difference between 2-7/32" and 2-3/16"