Velocity with Bigsby


Hey guys,

I wanted to make a velocity with a bigbsy, and am really unsure about it. I want a Bigsby because it's the trem I like the feeling and look of most (have FR, Bigsby and Strat)
Features: flat top velocity, compound radius neck (9.5-14), 25.5" scale, HH.

Has anyone done anything like that? My questions:
1) Would a Bigsby even fit, assuming I take the TOM routing (no STP)?
2) Shouldn't the TOM have a higher radius than the one at the neck humbucker ? Something like 16"? Or would the normal TOMs on here be ok (no radius is given)? Would the Gotoh TOM be a good fit or should I take a roller bridge ?

Does anyone of you experienced people have any other input else?

If it's a stupid idea I might just rethink it all...

Thanks a lot !!
I DO NOT think this is a stupid idea.  I think this is great.  I'm a fan of the bigsby and I really like mine on one of my W-teles. 

I think that if a TOM fits, then a bigsby will as well, especially if you use one of these:


with one of these:


If you do that, then you don't have to worry about the carve of the top or anything.  Just bolt it to the existing TOM stop-tailpiece studs and have at it.  Should work great.

Don't forget to do selected bigsby upgrades from this guy:
I saw this post and was ‘Yes’
A Velocity should be a great platform. TOM bridge.  TOM tailpiece upon your preference (see Mayflys response).

If you want to envision it from a layout aspect, think SG with Bigsby. Probably a little less on the bottom end.

I love Bigsbys. Obviously since I have 3.