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any one tried it?

my friend has the guitar version, and its pretty decent.
is it a waste to get this, or is it at good investment?
Back when I was on the musician war website there were some real mean primus like slap tones people were getting from those v amps
Intriguing, i do love primus.  but for 50 bucks more im getting better quality.  don't care if its compact, i rather it be big with a bunch of knobs.  but the vamp has no expression pedal.  i like the me50b  from boss. but its 300 and im looking for somthing cheaper,  might as well just save my rupies for that instead.  your thoughts?

could you get me a link to a clip of the vamp in action?
I bought the guitar V-Amp Pro to goof around with. The gain settings were great sounding through the PA. Clean settings were OK. The dead gap between switching from patch to patch; way too long to ever be able to gig with live.

Get yourself a Digitech GSP1101, you'll love it long time.
I have the guitar version as well.  I agree with Gregg, way too slow.  Sounds alright though, for recording.
what about the bp 200?
I bought a V-Amp last year as they were pretty cheap here in the UK. I was rather dissapointed - the modelled sounds were over processed and artificial. I sold it again on Ebay. I have an Alesis Quadraverb GT which I bought new about 15 years ago that I use for recording - these units are great - a mixture of digital & analogue multi fx. You can pick 'em up on Ebay quite cheaply.
thanks guys, i guess im putting the FXs on the back burner for now.
working on getting a new bass, and then an amp.
https://www.carvin20.com/products/single.php?product=SBR410 it goes to 11  :icon_jokercolor:
You're buyng a bass that isn't Warmoth!  *gasp*  You ought to be ashamed of yourself Schmoopy! :confused4: :-\ :dontknow:
I have several planed, but i don't have the cash, and i want to try out the pickup combo before getting a warmoth just to sell the body to get one routed for different pups.

I can't wait for the day I get to build a warmoth, it might just be sooner than I think depending on how the next few months go.
For the price. the V-amp is excellent. I have a friend who bought one for use in his studio only. It sounds great, and stays in the studio rack at all times, so it's never subjected to abuse. Better than spending $600 for a POD Pro...
I used a (borrowed) V-amp for band practice a few times a couple of years ago and didn't like it at all. It didn't sound particularly good and and the gap when switching patches is completely unacceptable. I love my GT-8 though!
For $169, would this be an OK modelling amp for a home studio and practice station?  I would use a real amp to play out with anyway, so this thing would never leave my house.  Has anyone tried the bluesy / country tones available on it?


I agree with Jack, it is quite noisy. Plus I hated the sounds. Ok for practice though, but I wouldn't use it for recording.