Uneven jazzmaster bridge thimbles

Tried to install the bridge thimbles myself in my new jazzmaster body using a rubber mallet and a towel. One ended up being slightly uneven and not flush with the body. I'm too afraid to keep pounding harder in fear of damaging the body, plus it doesn't seem to be doing much. How big of an issue is this? Should I remove the thimble and try again and if so, how do I safely remove the thimble? Lastly, the other thimble is even, although it stills isn't completely flush with the body. There's a very very tiny gap. Is that an issue? Any help would be appreciated.
Did you solve your trouble yet?

I haven't installed a Jazzmaster bridge, but it would seem the thimbles need to be fully seated.    Probably I am the type of person who would use a bigger hammer, an appropriately sized punch, use care to drive the thimbles straight, and carefully protect the body on the work bench with a towel placed evenly underneath.  No body else wants to give that advice in case you end up breaking something.    The other thing is that can go wrong is cracking the Warmoth poly finish as it has only limited impact resistance.  If in doubt, you can take it to a professional shop.