Ultra Small Travel Guitar


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Of course it's way different and extravagant than the usual new options, but ideas are not harmful right?  :guitaristgif:

Anyway, I would definitely buy one of these:

Lapstick Travel Guitar
Short scale, one-piece and compact as possible!




Stow Away Travel Guitar
Full Strat, but with a non-fixed neck!


Video - Assembly


I really want a minimum sized guitar. It doesn't have to sound great, play great, have a full scale, more than 5 frets, or plenty of options. So the best thing that pops in my mind is a sort of a Lapstick, with a neck that you can fold and a bit fixed (velcro, tiny lock, etc.) to the back side. A built in tuner and a headphone + jack output (or even a bit of overdrive, something like a built-in Vox Amplug) would be my dream travel guitar. :icon_biggrin:

Yeah, of course I should built such a thing by myself, as it's so specific. But it would be a great help if I had a base to start with since I don't have any knowledge, experience, or "wood-tools" to do such a thing. Especially the shorter scale for both the neck and body would be a great. And a foldable or detachable neck too... :icon_thumright:
Sounds like you should buy the thing in the picture. I've considered getting one from this company:
Full strat or LP scale, real pups, built in headphone amp plus a regular size jack. I've played one, reasonably well built, comfortable, playable. The thing you've pictured looks very uncomfortable to play. 
I'll be traveling more in the future and could see myself making room for one of these, as long as it's a 'real guitar'.
But I doubt Warmoth sees enough of a market to make one.
Maybe not quite what your looking for, but for $89 you can't go wrong;

Well, those Travel Guitars are still too "big" for me. It won't fit in my regular bag. I really want it to be not longer than 20" (50cm). So that's how I came on these too.

And you're right, I doubt Warmoth will do such a thing. And Tfarny wants for example a full scale guitar with good playability, I want one as small as possible. So it makes it more difficult to appeal to everyone. But it would be great if Warmoth could do one of the travel guitars though! :D
i'd like a travel guitar with warmoth quality.

the problem is the whole philosify that they are a parts company. so they'd need to conform to a standard. the problem is there are various travel guitar styles and no real standard. no individual travel guitar has the popularity of a stratocaster.

maybe if fender was to relese something, maybe it would be viable as warmoth has a liscence agreement with them.
I figured out what the ignore feature is for!\

How about one of these?
I actually bought a Hohner travel guitar, if you remove the neck it will totally fit in a carry on. Hardware and pickup were garbage though, so that took some work to fix.
This could work...


The La Baye 2x4--Green Bay, Wisconsin's submission into the wacky world of sixties guitars.

There was always the Gittler as well--this could maybe travel well:


I think you may be able to pull it off if you essentially strip everything down to the bare that you need. If you left a full-scale neck, you could cut a body small enough to just under 30 or so inches. Where you could go with everything is a challenge though. If you did a solo pickup, you could try to have a pot route just behind the bridge. In addition, any minimalist attempt to me gives me the fear that the guitar would be neck heavy.