two volumes, no switch?


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ok, so im messing around with my wiring on my beater strat, and my solder gun... is uh... a bit overpowered... yeah... so anyways, im sitting there, messing with my wiring 'cause i recently acquired a new pickup, and... i think i fried my switch... but thats not what this is about. this is about me, finding a way to wire up this:


Im want to be able to blend the two pickups together... and i cant seem a diagram...
Look for a Fender bass wiring diagram, Jazz or Precision. One of those is wired that way, can't remember which.
ok, so with thanks to ildar, i found the j-bass schematic, ( and im not too sure how to take the tone pot out and rearrange the bridge ground and output wires... you know where to stick those?
Yes, easy to do. The wire on the leftmost lug on the bridge volume pot is your hot output, send that to the tip lug on the jack.
The ground point would be on the back of the same bridge volume pot, solder your bridge ground on the back.
I cant seem to get the neck pickup to come on... so the hot lead from the tip goes to the minimum lug on the pot? like this?

Your image didn't show up.
Make sure the two pots are grounded together, and that the hots from each pot are connected.
hmm... well, even with the tinkering ive done in the past day i still cant manage to get this to work...
Post a picture of what you've got so far, or make a diagram at least, I can help you more easily if I can see what's going on. I've done this exact wiring before-no switch, no tone control-and it worked fine.
ok, sorry bout takin so long to get back to you. some big school stuff goin on so Ive been a bit busy.
But I was able to figure out what was the dealio. upon closer inspection, there was a nice little hidden cold solder joint that i somehow managed to miss.  :sad:  so Im gonna try and take care of that ASAP and get this beater back up and werkin. 

thanks fer the help    :icon_biggrin:  :icon_thumright: