Twelve-string neck arrived.


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This came today. (MN1077)
Reminds me of the old days!
Could not resist buying it.

(link to "Blackberry way" by The Move, if you are interrested)

Ordered a walnut thinline body for it today.
It think it will sound good together.
If GRAPH-TECH cold make me a special 12string GHOST-BRIDGE---
---(I will learn how to isert "smilies")

Love the sound of those pick-ups, highly reccomended!


Bastard! I had my eye on that neck!  :icon_jokercolor:

Congratulations - I'm looking forward to seeing how the project comes out.  :eek:ccasion14:

That neck is an absolute beauty, I really should get myself a twelve string guitar at some point I've been meaning to get one for about a decade now. :laughing7:
Sorry about that, mayfly!
I saw it just as I was turnuing off my pc, and then probably had a dream about it.
When I woke up, it was there in my mind.
Checked W from work first thing in the morning.
It was still there, so I ordered it.

Will be watching this thread with great interest. ( I had an idea using a JM body with the Gotoh 12 string bridge and getting Seymour Duncan custom made electric 12 split pickups made )

What do you have in mind for the body, electronics and hardware?

Already ordered the body.
Can still be seen in the dev-shop.,Thinline,Unfinished
(Tried to fix the link, but no luck)

Think the combination will sound good as a 12 sting, and maple/rosewood necs looks great in most combinations.
Also ordered both Gotoh 12 string and Gotoh 6 string, and will try to modify and move the 12 string saddles to the 6 string bridge.
Some offset-matters to deal with, but I think it can be done.

Then I will use the Kent Armstrong pups from my first rosewood, and replace with Fralins.