tuner holes


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I wasn't sure where this question should go but I've been curious about this for a while now.

On my MIM Strat I put Fender/Schaller locking tuners. They fit on the neck with no modification to the holes. So what are the equivalent holes on a Warmoth neck if I was ordering one? Are they Schaller or are they Vintage?

Also I have an old set of mini in a line Schallers (pre-unified Germany) - - what kind of holes would I need to use those?
Nobody has any ideas on this one? How about someone from Warmoth? Gregg are you out there?
If nobody answers in a couple of days, Ill pull a tuner on my Strat when I change strings and measure the hole with calipers.  I'm thinking its not vintage style, those are pretty tiny.

Edit: I just pulled one.  9.8mm
Yeah that's approximately 25/64 inches - - which is the bottom part of the Schaller hole. So I guess the new fender size is 25/64, but the same top and bottom. So I guess I'd get the Schaller hole for the neck I want that would use the Fender tuners I already have. Thanks - that answers my question. I think.  :icon_scratch: